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Thermography with Shelly Laine

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Shelly Laine, CCT, CHC, CNRTP

Welcome to Beacon Thermography

Shelly Laine is the owner of Beacon Thermography, Inc., a mobile thermal imaging company based out of Surf City, NC. She has been providing thermography services in eastern NC since 2015.

Shelly is a Certified Clinical Thermographer through the American College of
Clinical Thermology, which is the fastest growing and pre-eminent professional organization dedicated to the advancement of thermology and thermography through education, research and professional development.


Beacon Thermography, Inc., is associated with Meditherm, the industry leader in medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging equipment and process.

Medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, also known as Thermography, is a state-of-the-art, radiation-free diagnostic tool which creates a digital map of your body, illustrating heat patterns that may detect some condition or abnormality using a scanning-type infrared camera that measures your body's surface temperature.  Thermography aids in the detection and monitoring of many types of diseases and physical injury.

Contact Shelly for More Information and/or to schedule thermography at Carteret Chiropractic


Office:  (910) 803-2150

Mobile:  (727) 470-1694

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